About GrafiQer

As GrafiQer, we have been in the sector for more than 20 years. We serve in areas that require fast solutions. We research your business and your needs and work only as your in-house agency during the project process. Even if years pass after the project, we stand behind our work and provide you with support when you need it. We archive project materials indefinitely and offer them to you when you need them. In short, we accompany you on your roadmap for your projects.

How do we work?
The process will be very easy for you. Write to us about your needs. We will get back to you and ask for additional information if necessary. We will quickly project your need and present it to you. This process is usually completed within 24-48 hours. We will present the project to you on the promised date. For 20 years, we have developed unbreakable ties and relationships in this way.

We design each project in a result-orientated manner, regardless of its size, by adopting, researching and examining the examples in the world. Fancy nonsense and eye-colouring crowds are not our job. We always undertake that we will not offer you any work that we are not comfortable with.

Our service areas:

  • Small and medium-sized corporate websites that require fast solutions,
  • Small and medium-sized E-commerce systems,
  • Brand management, logo and corporate identity design studies,
  • Copywriting,
  • Advertising, advertisement, brochure, insert works suitable for printing,
  • Flipbook Digital cataloguing and pdf documenting,
  • Hosting and domain management,
  • Photo editing,

Ps: Copyrighted materials are used in our projects.

GrafiQer is a subsidiary of Swiss LLC Ltd. based in London, England.

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